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Zhila Afrouz

Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Children, Young People and Adults in Cheadle Hulme

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Hello and a warm welcome to Mind your Mind Therapy.

Are you or your child struggling with unwanted feelings?

I am a fully qualified and accredited Counsellor and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist trained to work with children, young people, and adults. I offer both effective and individualised Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural therapy in Cheadle Hulme. 

I specialise in the area of mental health, including; depression, generalised anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, social phobia, vomit phobia, plus many more...

I also specialise in children and young people counselling which may also include anger, family concerns, friendships, school stress, communication, plus many more....

Why choose therapy?

It is easy to tell ourselves we are OK and brush our issues aside, however they will always find a way to return to us. This is our mind's way of saying that there is a problem that we need to address in order to move forward. By monitoring our thought patterns and behaviour, we can gain an understanding of our unwanted feelings, and create some new skills to manage our issues.

My treatment focus

No matter what age you are and what is troubling you, my focus is to help you gain awareness into your inner feelings and strengths.

I aim to help you grow from your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to where you want to be in your life.  I achieve this by providing a neutral safe space, listening to your concerns, and customising a treatment for us to work through together.


Depression & Anxiety Disorders

Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives. Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can help you recover motivation, perspective, and joy that you once had in your life. 

Trauma & Stress

Many individuals can experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances. Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are a few emotions that can linger from traumatic events. Through therapy, support is given to help you overcome these symptoms and guide you through the process of grief and healing. 


Children and Young People

Children in all stages of their development benefit from therapeutic support. I offer a variety of interventions to help young people communicate their concerns effectively.   


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Support is here

Please get in touch with me via phone or email. I am here to answer questions, and provide information on costs and booking enquiries.

A free 30 minute initial consultation is offered prior to commencing therapy.

Mind your Mind Therapy

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